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Modi government will implement these rules from April 1

 If there are more than 100 employees, it is mandatory to have a canteen in the company, Modi government will implement these rules from April 1.

The central government has decided to appoint canteens for employees in companies in the country under the new labor law and to appoint welfare officers to enforce government schemes. The government is preparing to implement these new rules in the country from April 1.

The Occupational Safety, Health and Workplace Code 2020 issued by the Central Government last year has made special provision in this regard. Which can be implemented after discussion with all stakeholders. Significant changes to the new labor law will require companies with more than 100 employees to have canteens. This number of employees also includes people working on contract. These companies will have to appoint welfare officers and all artisans will get the full benefit of government schemes. Apart from that the government will also enforce many rules in the interest of the migrant workers if the company is taking them to the site and they are returning home after the work is completed they will also have to pay the travel allowance.

Also changes in overtime rules

In addition, the rules of overtime have also been changed. Under the new rules, if an employee works more than 15 minutes after working hours, it will be considered overtime. At first it was a half hour rule. Provision has also been made not to put more than five consecutive hours of work pressure on the employee whether he is on contract or permanent. The company is required to give him a half-hour break every five hours. Also break time will be added to working hours.

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